KARACHI - First lady of the country, Mrs. Samina Alvi here on Saturday sought concerted efforts for meaningful empowerment of people with restricted physical abilities. Chairing a meeting held to discuss measures required for welfare and minimizing dependency of people with one or the other form of physical limitations she said equal attention was needed to work for optimum development of the concerned fellow citizens, pertaining to different age groups. Mrs. Alvi said all relevant stakeholders must and on urgent basis join hands to achieve three basic objectives, identified during the deliberations, encompassing accessibility of the people with physically impairments to Special Computerized Identity Cards (SCIC) and a doable strategy to ensure adequate education, training and employment opportunities for these people. Provision for vocational training in accordance to modern needs, she said was an equally crucial requirement that help these people, particularly the youth, gain financial independence. As for children, Samina Alvi agreed that national television (PTV) must allocate an hour (daily) for education and life skills training of the kids who were but special and dear to all as were part of the future. The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Imran Ismail (wife of the Governor of Sindh), Amin Hashwani, President, the Network of Organization Working for People With Disability besides principals and administrators of educational cum institutions for people with impairment. A sizable representation of people with restricted abilities was also present on the occasion.


Wife of Governor of Punjab,Mrs Muhammad Sarwar and representatives of relevant institutions functional in the province also participated in the deliberations through video-link.


Mrs. Alvi reiterating importance of social and economic independence of the concerned segment said that there existed policies and series of regulations to benefit these people with physical changes, however, not many know about the same and therefore unable to benefit.


Participants of the meeting highlighting difficulties faced by challenged people in acquiring SCIC as they needed to first get issued a “Disability Certificate” from the civil surgeon office which in itself is problematic and a cumbersome process.


They suggested need to simplify the procedure with due care for upgradation of the disability certificate in accordance to international standards - with clear and comprehensive definition of the term physical disability.


They also suggested fool proof implementation of job quota for people with physical disabilities in different government departments.