LAHORE - The 55th martyrdom anniversary of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was observed on Saturday  with due deference and homage to the great soldier who stood like a rock in the face of Indian artillery bombardments at Burki border, Lahore during the 1965 Pak-India war and embraced martyrdom defending the sacred land.

A solemn ceremony was held at his grave in his hometown Ladian in Gujrat while people from all walks of life visited the martyrdom site of Major Aziz Bhatti at Burki and laid floral wreaths. 

1965 war is a golden chapter in the history of the country when our armed forces dashed evil designs of the enemy to the ground on all front including land, air and waters while Major Aziz Bhatti, like many other officers and soldiers, inscribed his name in the annals till eternity with his pure blood. He was posthumously awarded Nishan-e-Haider for his unprecedented valor during defence of Lahore. 

In the wee hours of September 6, 1965 Indian forces launched a clandestine attack on Lahore and so intoxicated were the Indian generals in their superiority of weaponry that they were sure to have supper at the Gymkhana Lahore lawns in the afternoon after crossing the border from Burki. They forgot in their pride that Pakistan armed forces were served by the officers and soldiers whose hearts brimmed with the desire to lay their lives in the defence of the pure land – Pakistan. The world witnessed steadfastness of the Pakistani military.

Major Aziz Bhatti was such an officer who put aside all persuasions to rest and fought like a demi-god and stopped the enemy onslaught at the Burki border and never let the enemy reach the Bambawali-Ravi-Bedian (BRB)Canal . He did not sleep for five days and five nights and led the forward observation post at the Burki sector where he silenced the enemy tanks through his bravery and skill. In the face of insurmountable resistance, the Indian artillery and infantry were frozen in their feet and could never cross into the land which had sons like Major Aziz Bhatti.

So imbued was Major Raja Aziz Bhatti with the desire of martyrdom that he intercepted a shell of Indian tank on his steely shoulder instead of allowing it to dirty the sacred soil and embraced martyrdom on September 12, 1965.

His tale of valor and dauntless courage has instilled spirit of patriotism in the hearts and minds of the youth for the past five decades and it sends a message to all enemies that no one could cross our frontiers as long as blood runs in the officers and soldiers of the Pakistan military.