ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) has finalised a plan to remodel, rehabilitate the existing “Panagahs” (Shelter home) and establish new ones in phases aiming to provide safe and secure environment and basic amenities of life to the homeless. According to an official, the existing shelter homes would be remodelled and rehabilitated in first phase while new “Panagahs” would be set up in every division of the country. Before establishing new ‘panagahs, a need assessment would be carried out at the locations of industries, grain, vegetable markets, darbars, colleges, universities, public transport stations, construction sites, railway stations, hospitals, etc after assessing the concentration of work force requiring shelter and meals.

He said in shelter homes, free accommodation, meal and other basic facilities were being provided to pauper, low income labours, shelter less and destitute persons. The shelter homes are being run on build, run and handover basis in collaboration with charity organisations and private sector.     

PBM has been assigned the management control of the existing panagahs and tasked to set up new ones in various areas of the country to provide solace to shelter less people.

Some 29,268 destitute have benefited from the panagahs, while 3,964 persons provided shelter, 25,304 provided meals in the Panagahs (shelter homes) from September 1 to date. In last 24 hours total beneficiaries were 3,175, meals provided to 2,755 and shelter to 420 homeless persons.