LAKKI MARWAT - District Police Officer (DPO) Tank, Sahibzada Sajjad, on Saturday directed police personnel to perform profes­sional obligations with zeal and zest and warned that po­licemen involved in corruption would not be spared at all.

Presiding over a meeting of police officials after assum­ing charge, he said that protec­tion of the lives and properties of citizens was prime respon­sibility of police. He asked the police officials, especially those posted at police stations and police posts, to change their at­titude towards general public. The DPO reiterated that po­lice force would be cleansed of black sheep and those found negligent and dereliction in performing duty would face departmental action. Declar­ing to implement zero toler­ance policy against corrup­tion, he said that all available resources should be utilized to bring criminals into clutch­es of law. Sahibzada Sajjad said that no one would be allowed to challenge writ of law and disturb peace in Tank district. “The miscreants will be dealt sternly,” he asserted. The DPO asked the station house offi­cers (SHOs) to launch opera­tions against drug traffickers, gamblers, criminals’ gangs and outlaws in the limits of their respective police stations.