RAWALPINDI -The Punjab Council of Arts Rawalpindi (PUCAR) observed the Anti-Dengue Day on Saturday to create awareness about the dengue fever. 

Director PUCAR Waqar Ahmed supervised the cleaning work and staff members were given special instructions regarding the anti-dengue drive.

Sanitation and disinfectant sprays were also carried out in the Council to eliminate the dengue virus. Disused items in stores were disposed of properly. All the staff of the Council was present on the occasion of the Anti-Dengue Day activities.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Waqar Ahmed said that cleanliness has been declared as half faith in Islam and all of us must keep our surroundings clean. He said that in recent days, there has been an increase in suspected cases of dengue.

He also said that if precautions are not taken, dengue can resurface. Every citizen should keep the environment dry in their homes and offices and not let water stagnate, he added.