KARACHI - Chairperson Hazara Front Pakistan and Qauid-e-Tehreek Sooba Hazara, Dr Laila Perween has accused the ANP of completing the agenda of Indian National Congress (INC) by renaming the NWFP province as Pakhtu-nkhwa, which was rejected by the people of NWFP during referendum held in 1947. She said that father of the nation Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in his speech, had eulogized the people of Hazara and said that NWFP has become the part of Pakistan because of Hazarawal who voted in favour of Pakistan. Talking to The Nation, Dr Laila Perween, blamed both the PML-N and PML-Q of playing politics on the issue of Hazara to fulfil their political agenda on the dead bodies of innocent people killed in the violent incidents in Abbotabad. She said that the movement of Sooba Hazara was a peaceful movement aimed at getting due rights of the local people but certain forces wanted to create situation suited to them. The people of Hazara are peace-loving and do not believe in violence but the miscreants are exploiting the situation by adding fuel to the fire defaming the local people, she stressed. Why did the PML-N not raise its voice when the National Assembly passed the resolution renaming NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, she asked. There is no need of any political party to play their game. The people of Hazara are now aware of their political rights and has launched an indigenous struggle for the achievement of Hazara province, she added. Responding to a query, she said that the PML-N always emerged victorious from Hazara division by 60 to 65 percent votes but in return it did nothing for the area. She said that Tarbela Dam was located in Hazara and the NWFP government was getting all the royalty but local people were deprived of jobs, adding that about 80 percent outsiders were residing in Hazara. Replying to a question, Dr Laila alleged that Indian National Congress through late Bacha Khan had raised the boggy of Pakhtunkhwa but when referendum was held the veteran red shirt, escaped from it after seeing defeat. She said that it were the people of Hazara who voted in favour of Pakistan in the referendum. Moreover, she said Bacha Khan preferred to be buried in Afghanistan, which spoke volumes that he did not recognise Pakistan. She claimed that Hazara, which comprised Muree, Hasanabdal was an independent division till 1901 when the aforementioned areas were included in Punjab. She said that it was matter of shame for the government that was accomplishing the agenda of Indian Congress by renaming the NWFP as Pakhtunkhwa. Responding to a query, she said that around 2.5 million people of Hazara were living in Karachi.