PESHAWAR - NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that issue of Hazara and Abbottabad is a political dispute, which must be settled politically. Difference in opinion is part of democracy and being a democratic government we need to respect opinion of every person, he said. Freedom of opinion is a basic right. 18th Amendment has been prepared by the political forces and endorsed by the Parliament with absolute majority, he observed. He issued directives for criterion for contacts between Hazaras leadership and provincial government. He expressed these views while chairing the special meeting of the NWFP Cabinet at Civil Secretariat on Tuesday. Senior Provincial Ministers, Cabinet members, Divisional Commissioners besides MPAs from Malakand Division and DIGs were also present during the meeting. The Chief Minister said that the Government had clear policy and strategy regarding ongoing protest in Abbottabad after approval of 18th Amendment and the law enforcement agencies had been strictly forbidden from the use of force, as protest was the right of every person. He said that the NWFP Government and leaders had always sent the message that reservations of people of Hazara regarding change in name of the province would be removed at any cost because they were part of the province and their body. He said that if people of Hazara had any reservations regarding change in name of the province or it was a matter of new province, then they must strive for it politically and democratically, adding that violent protest was not in favour of the nation and the country. He said that, apparently, the people, who were protesting against representatives of PML-N, had not protected the interests of people of Hazara during the preparation of draft of 18th Amendment and they were not taken into confidence. The provincial Government and administration have decided to impose Section 144 on 11th April after consulting both the parties and to control any untoward circumstances. But, the next day the section-144 has not only been violated despite commitment but severe law and order conditions have also been created. He declared. He further added that police stations and vehicles were set on fire by violent protesters and have tried to set ablaze captive police personnel. He said that the police fired airily in compulsion, which resulted in loss to precious lives. The Chief Minister said that judicial inquiry into the matter had been directed for impartial investigation and actions would be taken against the responsible in light of the inquiry report. He expressed sorrow over the conception that non-local police had taken part in the Abbottabad operation. The Chief Minister said that raising issue between Pakhtun and non-Pakhtun was highly critical and any such struggle would not be tolerated. He stressed the protesters for formation of authoritative representative jirga in order to initiate the dialogue process. He also stressed commencement of political process on emergency basis. Regarding reconstruction activities in Malakand Division, the Chief Minister said that the required resources for this purpose were still not available but the Government was still utilising its resources for continuance in the process and the Federal Government had also marked 45 percent on PSDP for this purpose. He said that Friends of Democratic Pakistan and other friendly countries had not fulfilled their promises in this connection. The work could not be started but the provincial Government is trying for continuance of this process. Hoti declared. Latter on Fateha has been offered for deceased of Abbottabad, Dir, Timirgarah and other incidents. Meanwhile, NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that dialogue process with leadership of Hazara has been commenced. It is a political problem, which must be resolved in political manner. Stern actions would be taken against responsible of the incident in light of judicial inquiry report. He expressed these views during telephonic conversation with PML-N leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. He discussed overall situation of Hazara with them. Hoti said that if people of Hazara had some demands then they needed to find a constitutional, political and peaceful way out despite violent protest and radicalism because the miscreants were taking advantage of such untoward circumstances and creating problems for people of Hazara and the administration. NADER BUNERI adds: Urging the people to remain calm and peaceful, NWFP Minister for Information, Mian Iftikhar Hussian asked the leaders of Hazara Action Committee (HAC) to constitute their representative body for dialogue to resolve the issue amicably. The NWFP Government is ready for negotiations with all stakeholders of Hazara and we want to resolve the issue peacefully and in a democratic manner, the Information Minister remarked while briefing the journalist regarding the NWFP Cabinet Meeting on Tuesday. He informed that they have directed the local administration to initiate judicial enquiry into the April 12s incidents and reports would be sent to the provincial Government to take strict action against the responsible elements. He regretted that leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-) were adding fuel to the already burning fire. He said that the national leaders should not display such impression, saying that all the political leaders and political parties should demonstrate careful and tolerant attitude in this critical time, as the country was not able to bear the brunt of sectarian and racial violence. He went on saying that PML-Q leader had attempted to block the 18 Amendment in the Senate but this would be their failed attempt. He also warned Gohar Ayubs family against its propaganda against the ANP-led Government and said that such kind of statements would further sow the seed of hatred among the already enraged masses. He informed that in order to make the dialogue effective, Chief Minster Amir Haider Khan Hoti had also constituted a committee of the ministers hailing from all the districts of Hazara Division. He said that Interior Secretary Fayaz Toro had also been sent to Abbotabad to initiate dialogue with the independent Jirga of Hazara Action Committee. He reiterated that ANP-led Government believed in the politics of reconciliation, negotiation and tolerance. He said that the affected families would be compensated soon and action would be taken against those who had taken law in their hands.