KARACHI - In relation to the public notice issued by TDAP wherein the TDAP has allowed inland freight subsidy subject to prescribed terms and conditions as mentioned in the said notice, the SBP has advised Authorized Dealers to receive the Freight Subsidy claims from exporters for onward submission to TDAP. According to a Circular EPD Letter issued Tuesday, after scrutiny and approval, TDAP, shall forward the claims eligible for payments to SBP-BSC (Bank) Head Office, Karachi against Ministry of Finances proper allocation. Upon receipt, SBP-BSC (Bank), Head Office, Karachi would credit the concerned Authorized Dealers accounts accordingly for onward credit of the same to the exporters account. The Circular further said that in case of any query or clarification related to the attached Public Notice, TDAP may be contacted. Authorized Dealers are advised to bring the same to the notices of all their constituents, Circular added.