It is extremely painful for us citizens that although the 18th amendment has been tabled, President Asif Zardari continues to ignore the unworthy antics of his Minister for Law, a man guilty of being deliberately disrespectful to the SCP, refusing to implement the Apex Courts orders on NRO to pursue cases in the Swiss courts. I would request the SCP to urgently take notice of the three crore rupees Law Minister Babar Awan allegedly got from the scamwalas who had looted Bank of Punjab. Why doesnt Aitzaz Ahsan file a petition against Babar Awan to prove his love of independent judiciary? I would also urge jurists, lawyers and political parties to urgently pursue the SCP for obtaining a court order banning 'party meetings at state venues like the President House or Governor House at taxpayers expense. It is learnt on good authority that friends of Prime Ministers Mrs, Fouzia Gilani daily hold picnic parties in the lawns of PM House causing loss to the exchequer. I would also request Nawaz Sharif whose constitutional stand on Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwah issue has finally carried the day that he should not meet Asif Zardari till he starts showing respect for the SCP orders on cases in Swiss courts. Asif Zardari cannot continue like this, acting as if he is some kind of a supreme lord, the King of Pakistan. I urge Nawaz Sharif to take out a Long March to recover every looted penny of the last two years. -S. MEHMUD, Lahore, April 13