LAHORE - Deputy Chief Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has stressed the need for raising the education budget for imparting best educational facilities to the youth. Addressing the annual dinner of the Mansoora Degree College, he said the nations advancing in the field of education alone could face their problems in different fields. He said the education budget in the country was miserably low while the defense budget was exceptionally high. Sirajul Haq said education had always been high priority with big nations. Japan, for instance, had kept its educational institutions open even after the nuclear attacks by the US and the Japanese King refused to accept US slavery despite his defeat in the war. He said that the passage of the 18th amendment was immaterial because important decisions concerning the country would continue to be made by the US embassy and not the parliament. He said the people ruling the country were least bothered about the common mans problems. He condemned the killings by police firing in Abbotabad and expressed solidarity with the people of the city.