LAHORE - Despite strong protests on the 5th consecutive day on Tuesday against massive power outage, Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) is continuing 14 to 16-hour load shedding across the Punjab. Prolonged and unannounced power outages are badly affecting the small business and industrial operations besides multiplying the miseries of the public during hot weather. According to the PEPCO sources, the shortfall of the electricity has reached 5000-MW due to which the authorities have to resort to massive load shedding to manage the considerable deficit. The worst power outages forced the public to take to streets in various parts of the provincial metropolis on Tuesday as the 16-hours loadshedding paralysed the routine life in the City, badly affecting the traders and shopkeepers. The residents of Walled City say that the entire locality turns into hell during night hours due to the worst and unscheduled load shedding. The local residents said that 14 to 16-hour unannounced power outages are disturbing the life throughout the provincial metropolis. There was four-hour continuous power outage in Johar Town on Monday night. The massive power outages are multiplying the miseries of the people, Mrs Bushra Rahim, a resident of Johar Town told The Nation by phone. The Lahorites say the loadshedding is making their lives more miserable as the temperature is gradually increasing. Mushtaq Ahmed, a resident of Samanabad said that the prevailing energy crisis in the country is getting worse with the passage of time but the rulers were trying to satisfy the masses with bogus slogans claiming that the crisis would end soon. On Tuesday, dozens of people staged strong protest demonstration in various parts of the Walled City including in old Anarkali including against 16-hour power outages and demanded the government to immediately end the menace of load shedding. A good number of people took to streets and staged strong protest demonstration against power breakdown by setting the tyres on fire and disrupting the traffic at the leading arteries of the City. The protesters said that government has badly failed to overcome energy crisis despite increasing electricity tariff by more than 100 per cent during the last two years. The protesters were carrying placards and banners inscribed with demand of immediate end to load shedding. They also chanted slogans against the government, democracy and political leadership. The protests created worst traffic jumbles at City while the motorists remain trapped at roads for two hours. The traders said that massive power outages have destroyed the business activities in the City and due to the excessive load shedding the businessmen have been left with no other option but to close down industrial units.