LAHORE - The rising temperature of the people of Hazara division has compelled the PML-Ns NWFP leadership especially the party ranks of Hazara to take seriously the demand of their electorate for new province. PML-N insiders privy to the developments regarding NWFP PML-Ns considerations over the demand of the people of the Hazara division told this scribe on Tuesday that PML-Ns local leadership of Hazara division apprised the partys top brass about the sentiments of their electorate, who were not ready to compromise less than the status of province for the Hazara division. However, partys high command was holding meetings to address the grievances of the people of Hazara division who took to the streets against renaming the NWFP as Khyber-Pukhtoonkhawa. The people of Hazara division were not even ready to accept Hazara-Puktoonkhawa as the new name of the NWFP at this stage and they told their local leaders of PML-N that the time has passed for considering any new name options for the NWFP and the only option that could be considered was converting the Hazara division into a new province, the insiders revealed. PML-N parliamentarians from NWFP told their top leadership in advance that they would not vote in favour of the 18th amendment, as Khyber-Pukhtoonkhawa was part of the amendment and becoming party to the new name of the NWFP would not only damage their vote bank but it might put their political careers in jeopardy in the future, while the high command of the PML-N keeping in view compulsions of the leaders of partys NWFP chapter allowed them to act according to their will in this regard, the insiders informed. PML-N NWFP leaders especially party cadres of Hazara division warned their high command about the political repercussions of accepting Khyber-Pukhtoonkhawa as the new name of the NWFP and they posed a stiff resistance in this regard. Frontier provinces leadership told the top leadership of PML-N about the situation on ground and the demand of the people of Hazara and now it was up to the bigwigs of the party how they decide the fate of their electorate in Hazara division, as there were 20-million non-Pushtun speaking people residing in the NWFP, the insiders disclosed. It is pertinent to mention here that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif other day said that his party warned that the issue of renaming the NWFP should not be bracketed with 17th amendment, as the matter was very sensitive and should be decided with careful deliberations of all the stakeholders and political forces of the country. He also said the situation in Abbottabad (Hazara division) might not reach this position if PML-N warning regarding the new name of the NWFP was considered by the concerned quarters. Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that PML-N might propose the ANP and PPP for reconsidering the name of the NWFP keeping in view the bloody riots in Abbottabad (Hazara division). Ahsan Iqbal, central leader of PML-N talking to The Nation last month on the issue of renaming the NWFP said that his party was facing stiff resistance from its party cadres of Frontier province, as they wanted a consensus-based name, which carries the 'ownership of the entire population of the NWFP.