YANGCUN AIR BASE, China, (Reuters) - Four Chinese J-10 fighter jets banked and sported in perfect formation in the blue skies near Tianjin on Tuesday, before executing a neat landing, their braking parachutes billowing out just in front of a viewing stand filled with military attaches. Many of the 51 attaches, some from Africa and the Middle East, may be future customers for the Made-in-China fighter jet. So far no other countrys air force has the J-10, but China hopes the planes manoeuvrability and price can compete with the US and others in sales to third countries, many of them allies through whom Beijing is courting global influence. Ever since the early 1990s, China has been working to slim and upgrade its military into a modern fighting force. That means developing fighters for the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force, and also planes that others would want. Yes, we have been given the option of getting this aircraft, and we are studying this option, said Salman Ahsan Bokhari, the Beijing-based air attache from Pakistan, tipped as a potential bulk buyer of the J-10. Until this time, we havent seen it physically flying... Its a good time for all the worlds air force to know the PLA has a valuable and important aircraft flying in the skies. We came to see the performance of this J-10 aircraft. I think its quite impressive but we still have to see how it compares to others in its class, said Derek Mwendaofyo, the Beijing-based defence attache for Zambia, which has historical and mining investment ties to China. Islamabad is negotiating with the United States to buy 14 more F-16 fighter planes, Pakistan defence officials said in March after talks aimed at reversing tempestuous ties between the allies. In Pakistan we have Western aircraft, French aircraft and Chinese aircraft, so we will be able to see how we can position this in, Bokhari said, referring to possible purchases of the J-10. The Alabama-trained pilot said he wanted to try flying it. Price-wise, this is a point which is still under discussion, the main point. For pilots like Yan Feng, the beauty of the J-10 lies in its manoeuverability, its stability, and its integrated avionics system. Compared to a J-7 plane, which China has already exported, the J-10 is like an adult to a child, Yan said. As a pilot and a division chief, I am very proud to have J-10 aircraft. Yan estimated a J-10 cost the PLA Air Force, which he noted is also a consumer, about 190 million yuan ($27.84 million). Thats pricey compared to the $15 million-plus price tag on a U.S. F-16 fighter, a favourite of world air forces. I believe the vendors know how to put it across to whoever the buyer is, said K Gambo, military attache from Nigeria, who said his country might consider buying from China. With good bargaining the price can come down.