ISLAMABAD PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed on Tuesday said that some foreign forces are trying to divide the country on linguistic, provincial and ethnic basis and the renaming of NWFP was a part of that vicious plan. Addressing a press conference after CEC meeting of PML-Q, the Secretary General said Pakistan has a significant existence in the emerging region so that the foreign forces were planning to divide it. He added the PML-Q always foiled such attempts and would do the same this time. He said that his party had already suggested separating the renaming issue from 18th Amendment Bill, as it was not a wise decision. We time and again warned the PML-N and ANP who were negotiating for the new name but all in vain, he asserted. However he expressed hope that the political leadership would express flexibility to resolve the issue. He said his party would fully back the 18th Constitutional package, however, the PML-Q would oppose the clauses of deletion of party elections, education and renaming the province as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Later President PML-Q Ch Shujaat Hussain said that Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) did not use to take U-turns and would remain stuck on his stance regarding nomenclature of NWFP. He said that anti-democracy forces were involved in the situation being created in Hazara division while some sections were blaming PML-Q for all this. He made it clear that whatever these sections allege, his party would take every possible step in favour of the people and the country. Flanked by Mushahid Hussain, Ameer Muqam, Waseem Sajjad, Marvi Memon and other members of CEC, Shujaat Hussain alleged that Awami National Party is trying to hijack the issue for some other purpose but PML-Q would not allow it to do so. Senator Haji Adeel is fighting for anti-Pakistan theory, he accused. Opposition Leader in Senate Wasim Sajjad brushed aside the impression that his party had taken a U-turn over the renaming issue, saying that his party had consented to the notion of renaming the province, however, the new name should reflect all the segments of society. ANP and PML-N made a committee to resolve the issue while PML-Q was totally ignored despite our reservations. It is a historic fact that the PML has strong roots in Hazara and other parts of NWFP so our view should also be included. However, ANP and PML-N reached consensus on Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa while PML-Q decided to oppose the name. We have the same stance even today, he added. He said he personally had written two separate letters to Chairman Constitutional Reform Committee Mian Raza Rabbani expressing his partys reservations over the sensitivity of the issue but to no avail. Later Ameer Muqam demanded of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of the killing of poor civilians in Hazara division and unveil the hands involved in these killings. He was of the view that some political parties have started calling NWFP as 'Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it was a violation of the Constitution as the 18th Amendment Bill was not yet the law. He said that it was not an issue of Pashtun or non-Pashtun, it is a matter of a theory. The people who are today struggling for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will soon ask for 'Greater Pakhtunistan, adding that they would also refuse to accept Urdu as a national language, Ameer Muqam said. To a question regarding the demand of PML-Q (Likeminded) for a province, Muqam said that one of the brothers of Saleem Saifullah is demanding Pakhtunkhwa and Saleem Khan was demanding province. Saleem should develop consensus within his house, he added.