LAHORE (PPI) - Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) has started gas holiday for industrial sector in Punjab. The department would provide gas six days a week to such industry which depends upon only natural gas like textile, fertilizer and chemical industry. After saving the 100 MMCF per day gas it would be served to thermal power stations for more power generation. According to sources SNGPL has divided the Punjab in four zones for gas holiday including Lahore I, Lahore II, Faisalabad and rest of the Punjab would include in zone 4 and gas holiday would be observed among different days. The SNGPL has started gas holiday over government direction. The government could not afford the furnace oil bill for power generation and the power plants would be transferred to gas, to over come the massive power loadshedding in country through such policy, sources added. The industrialists have criticized the SNGPL policy for gas holiday and All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has called general body meeting in Lahore on Wednesday (today) to review the situation and future strategy in this regard. APTMA Punjab President Gohar Ijaz said that textile industry was facing 6 hours daily power loadshedding and one-day gas loadshedding in a week. He said earlier SNGPL has shut down gas supply to textile industry for 45 days in winter season and after a short break the department again disconnected the gas supply. He said SNGPL was targeting only Punjab province and all other three provinces NWFP, Balochistan and Sindh were enjoying seven days a week gas supply. He said some 2000 textile units, 210 spinning units, 700 weaving units, 210 processing units and garments sector were badly hit due to gas loadshedding. The 20 percent labour was not working and it was extra load on textile sector after gas loadshedding. He said 70 percent industry in all over the country was situated in Punjab and provincial government should take serious notice over the gas loadshedding in Punjab otherwise there was no choice except protests and strike for affected industrialists, APTMA president concluded. SNGPL General Manager Sales Masood Ahmad has said that company was facing 100 MMCF per day gas deficit due to technical fault and gas pressure was also very low due to this reason. The company has distributed the gas shortfall among all industry and not only textile sector was victimization. He said all chambers of commerce and industry have voluntary make a schedule and company was just applying this schedule between stakeholders.