LAHORE - Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer met with a delegation from Islamia University headed by Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Bilal A Khan and Commissioner of Bahawalpur Mushtaq Ahmad at the Governor House to resolve the ongoing crisis of student violence against university academicians. The meeting was also attended by local and regional MPAs. The delegation dated the beginning of the problem as June 2009 when Prof Dr Shahid Naveed was beaten by students and an FIR was lodged against 11 of them. The same professor was attacked in September of the same year and another FIR was lodged in October 2009. On February 19th, 2010 the campus and office of the vice chancellor was ransacked by students and the incident was described as the mother of all violence by the Commissioner. The Governor stated that the issue of on-campus violence and vandalism needed to be solved practically and not politically. He said that the automatic dismissal of any student who lifted a hand against a professor or an officer would be warranted. Furthermore, the Governor expressed deep pain as his own father had been a Professor and the issue was a personal one. The Governor categorically stated that the preservation of the institution and respect and honour of the teachers was of paramount importance. He also recommended counselling for the students involved in campus violence and requested MPAs and MNAs to refrain from inciting politicised student violence. A recommendation was also put forward by the Governor for the formation of a committee to specifically tackle incidents of campus violence.