Relations between India Pakistan are usually tense and many political issues keep irking between our two countries. One of the main issues that gets highlighted somewhat less than the others is accidental crossings of citizens across the borders. If a Pakistani crosses the Indian border by mistake, he is arrested by the Indian police under suspicion of espionage or involvement in terrorism. Same happens with Indian citizens that accidentally cross over to our side. Sometimes, there are reports of these innocent people getting tortured by police of the either side. I am writing about a specific case of at least three Pakistanis who had mistakenly drifted into Indian territory on April 1 somewhere on the Sialkot border. There are reports that they were brutally treated by the Indian police. As we all know, Pakistani prisoners arrested on charges of border crossing have also died due to torture of the Indian police. I, therefore, urge the President to take measures for their early release from Indian prisons. -RIJA FAROOQUI, Karachi, April 12