SRINAGAR (AFP) - One person was killed and 24 hurt during a strike Tuesday in Indian-occupied Kashmir to protest the conviction of six Muslims, including a Kashmiri leader, for a 1996 bombing in New Delhi. Police fired teargas and used batons to break up the anti-India demonstrations in Srinagar and the northern town of Sopore, police and witnesses said. Protesters retaliated by hurling rocks and bricks and in the ensuing clashes 18 protesters and six policemen were injured, police said. A 20-year-old protester died when he slipped into a river as police were chasing him during a protest in Sopore, a police officer said, demanding not to be named. The death brought more people onto the streets chanting, We want freedom and Allah is great, said residents, who blamed police for the death. Shops, banks and schools were shut in the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley after Hurriyat leaders called a strike to protest the conviction of six Kashmiris in an Indian court for their alleged role in the 1996 market bombing. Leading female politician Farida Dar was among those convicted for the explosion at New Delhis Lajpat Nagar market on May 21, 1996, which left 13 people dead and over three dozen injured. The strike is to protest the conviction of six Kashmiris, said leading Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelan in a statement. He described the Indian judiciary as partisan and biased. Kashmiris have waged a two-decade fight against rule by New Delhi in the Himalayan region that has left more than 47,000 people dead, according to the official count. Those accused of bombing the market, all from Indian-held Kashmir, were arrested soon after the incident when police traced the phone calls they made to various news organisations claiming responsibility for the attack. Despite tight security, dozens of women activists from Dars Mass Movement party held a noisy demonstration in Srinagar, shouting We want freedom and Release innocent Farida Police detained nearly a dozen activists, all wearing veils, after blocking the march in Lal Chowk, Srinagars main commercial street.