LAHORE - Factory Area police on Tuesday recovered a 22-year-old girl from an accused who purchased her from her two brothers and allegedly assaulted her. The police also arrested the brothers of the girl namely Mohammad Sarwar and Amjad Ali. The main accused Noor Mohammad, however, was still at large. Police investigators said that Ismat Bibi, resident of Hunain Abad, Chungi Amar Sudhu, in her statement had maintained that her brothers sold her to one Noor Mohammad. She told the police that a woman Kausar Bibi stayed at the home where she was detained to check that she (Ismat) could not flee. PS Factory Area Incharge Investigation Abdul Ghafoor said during preliminary investigation the brothers of the victim had revealed that their sister used to escape from her house off and on. We confined her in a house of Noor Mohammad, who is our known man, they further said. Abdul Ghafoor said it was before the time to say either Ismat was raped before seeking her medical report or her brothers sold her to Noor Mohammad. He also said police were interrogating on various aspects and the facts would be made public within few days. Drug addict dies A drug addict died due to excessive use of narcotics in Shahdara Town Police precincts on Tuesday. Duty officer at the said police station told an unidentified deceased was recovered from roadside near Ravi Bridge. He said apparently it seemed the deceased was a drug addict. He said police also made announcements in the mosques of the area for his identification but none of the citizens identified him. He said after completing legal requirements, Edhi ambulance shifted the body to the city morgue for autopsy.