Those who believe in the supremacy of the Constitution, they must protest on the decisions made in National Energy Conference held on April 09, 2012 at Lahore under chairmanship of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Reza Gilani. In the conference, it was decided that “uniform power loadshedding” in four provinces would be introduced. No doubt, this is an open violation of the Constitution.

As envisaged in the 18th amendment of the Constitution, the first right on natural resources found, is of the concerned province. If Balochistan and Sindh due to their own existing vast natural resources observe comparatively less loadshedding, it is their constitutional right to do so. One wonders why is Punjab compelling them to prolong their spells? Meanwhile, Punjab has already decided to set up power project by transporting coal from Balochistan. As per the Constitution, one province can set up coal-based industry provided coal deposits are found in the same province.

Again, there was still another example of flagrant violation of the Constitution by Punjab sometime back. A representative of Punjab, Shafqat Masood Janjua, in capacity of the Acting Chairman of IRSA, used the powers of Council of Common Interests (CCI) but no action was taken against him for violating the Constitution.

I suggest Prime Minister Gilani to stop violating the Constitution to please Punjab whereas Shahbaz Sharif should keep in mind that all provinces, as per the Constitution are equal.


Karachi, April 12.