Recently I went to Aladdin Park in Karachi. Many people were present in the park and were enjoying with their families on swing rides. Suddenly at 8:30 PM the electricity went off and there was no back up of power supply for any ride. All the people were stuck in the ride for almost one minute. And after one minute the generator was switched on and then the rides started swinging again. But it would be better if local government orders the administration at Aladdin Park to install back-up generators which start automatically when electricity goes. The manual generator which has to be started by someone takes at least half a minute and this half a minute is very painful for those people who are stranded on rides. A gatekeeper told me that loadshedding is being carried out on a daily basis at Aladdin Park while the generator only supplies electricity to limited rides and pylons. A high power generator in the park is the need of the hour.


Karachi, April 13.