In order to discover the truth pertaining to the case of CNG licences, the Supreme Court has rightly ordered the FIA to seize all documentary record of OGRA. These are apparently harsh measures but they have been taken only after the reluctance of the authorities concerned to cooperate with the apex court. The court was annoyed when it was told by the officials of OGRA that only 250 of 1,471 files could be produced owing to procedural difficulties. As we can see, these tactics meant to prevent the court from reaching at a solid conclusion have been futile.

The court’s worry is justified since these illegal licences were issued during the tenure of former OGRA chief Tauqir Sadiq, who is already facing charges over minting many billions of rupees. What is even further alarming is that he issued these licences at the behest of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, while the same sordid affair continued during the reign of Raja Ashraf. How come these licences were issued when there was a ban on opening new CNG pumps and also when there was an acute shortage of the gas? The swindled money is close to a trillion rupee; without exaggeration the fiscal damage is too much for a country knocking desperately at the doors of the IMF or for that matter, it could have been sufficient to resurrect the country’s ailing power sector. It is of utmost importance that the case reaches its logical conclusion and the culprits are punished.