The shocking incident in the premises of the High Court of Sindh, Sukker Circuit on April 10, when a senior advocate, who had opposed the former Chief Minister of Sindh’s candidacy, was badly beaten by persons in ‘black coats’ should be strongly condemned.

Several such incidents have taken place in various parts of the country in the past. No one knows if any investigations were conducted. If so, to what end? Whether culprits, bent on destroying the good name and honor of the legal profession, were brought to book?

The silence of the Pakistan Bar Council in this particular case is intriguing. It appears we have become deaf, dumb and blind to what goes on in the country. Clearly this does not auger well for our nascent democracy. It is time we mended our ways and realised how dangerous such trends could be. No one will then have faith in law or the judiciary and would be forced to resort to the law of jungle to get justice.


Karachi, April 12.