Gen Musharraf met his worst when he appeared in High Court of Sind for his bail confirmation and the court granted him further two weeks. He was brought in under heavy security and had to face a shoe that was hurled at him, luckily missing him, but it did make headlines all over the world. Since he has to face a number of murder charges he applied for bail and it has been extended by a week more but with one condition that he cannot leave the country. To his bad luck, his name has now been placed in ECL, not that it has deterred many from leaving the country.

A person who has remained COAS for almost nine years and became president, with absolute power, now has to stoop so low as to contest for the national assembly elections, the idea does seem ridiculous. The guarantors cleared his way to return to Pakistan to ensure that he faces the music, perhaps setting a trap for him, who knows? He could have waited for the formation of a new government rather than putting his life in danger and be disgraced. He should have thought of his being the ex-COAS, this must have hurt hundreds of serving and retired soldiers when they saw their ex-COAS being disgraced in public. Musharraf had over eight years at his disposal to do what he wanted for the country. Coming back now to seek entry into the national assembly with only a couple of hopefuls seem ridicules.


Karachi, April 1.