LONDON (YL): Batman v Superman could reportedly be hitting UK cinemas early. Since it was announced that Captain America 3 will face off against the Man of Steel sequel on the same day, fans of Marvel and DC have been wondering who will blink first. It seems DC have pulled out of the box office battle, as according to Film Distributor’s Association (and picked up by Yahoo! Movies and Indiewire) the Batman v Superman movie will be with us from April 29, 2016 as opposed to May 6, 2016.

Captain America 3 and Batman v Superman (yet to be officially titled) will presumably still roll out on the same day in May in the US. There has not been an announcement through DC or Warner Bros as yet, so feel free to remain suspicious. Whether you’re a Batfleck fan or not, Zack Snyder’s sequel is highly anticipated, so switching the date to give the film it’s time to shine without any competition makes sense. It also falls in line with the recent, very Marvel, trend of comic book movies rolling out in the UK ahead of the US. There is also the possibility that DC are planning a worldwide date change, but until news comes from the proper channels, it’s all rumour.