The students of Karachi University (KU), those who travel on motorbikes and cars, are worried everyday whether they will be allowed to take their transport inside the premises or stopped at the gates. This is due to the check posts of Rangers and Karachi University security guards, who are supposed to check the identity card of the students but they have taken the law into their own hands and are allowing in only those who are affiliated with political parties and have a clout.

This seems to be very biased behavior from a group that has been installed to protect all the students not to hinder them or cause undue harassment. Karachi University security department doesn’t issue vehicle passes for morning students, saying that they have ‘point’ busses inside the university for student. These are insufficient for such a large number of students. This practice of stopping anyone who they don’t like is common practice and the Dean of Karachi University should take notice of this important issue, and issue gate passes for student.


Karachi, April 10.