Karachi - Shia women, heirs and relatives of Shia martyrs staged a demonstration outside Karachi Press Club on Sunday to condemn the targeted killings of innocent people in Karachi.

Accompanied by minor children, Shia women gathered under the banner of Kaneezan-e-Zainab (AS) and Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen women wing and raised slogans against the terrorists for their attacks on innocent Pakistanis mainly Shia citizens. They were carrying banners and placards.

Heirs and relatives of the Shia martyrs assassinated in Karachi said that they came to the rally to convey to the world and particularly the government that they were not scared of the terrorists but they are surprised by Pak govt’s response against the terrorists.

“Targeted assassinations of Shia doctors, lawyers, businessmen, educationists and notables was no less than a national tragedy. The terrorists have deprived Pakistan of its loyal serving sons and created vacuum in the society and economic crisis for the dependents,” said Khanum Zahra Najafi, Secretary General of the MWM Sindh chapter speaking to the protesters.

She said that Pakistan was being destabilised by the terrorists but the rulers were trying to hoodwink people by appeasing the terrorists.

The demonstrators demanded that the killers of their martyrs should be arrested and awarded capital punishment. They demanded compensation for the heirs and dependents and government employment for their family members.