No sooner did people forget Jaffar Express incident when the shocking Islamabad fruit market explosion took 24 more lives, injuring 116. Which means that in two days 41 people lost their lives and161 were injured, perhaps some are in serious condition but who cares? In both of these incidents, two different Baloch separatist organisations, including United Liberation Army (ULA) and United Baluchistan Army (UBA) claimed responsibilities. Federal Interior Minister Chauhadry Nisar Ali Khan, after the bomb blast in Islamabad, reached at the site and issued his statement, rejecting the United Baluchistan Army’s claim.

On the other hand, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan condemned the blast, stating that the Taliban still abided by the ceasefire pact. In addition, TTP’s statement ‘killing innocent people is forbidden’ is appreciable though a bit late(after killing 60,000). As Chauhadry Nisar rejected the UBA’ claim, he is now responsible to unveil the secret hand involved in the explosion. When Islamabad, the capital city, is not safe how can other cities be safe. Yes it is true the rich and the elite are safe but what about the poor in the country? Who is responsible for their security


Lahore, April 10.