The students of Architectural Engineering Department of Bahauddin Zakariya University went on strike and boycotted mid-term examination against varsity’s failure to get the department affiliated with the Punjab Engineering Council (PEC) here on Monday. The protesting students demanded the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of their ordeal and issue order for the affiliation of their college with the PEC besides punishing those responsible for this negligence.

All students of the department came out of their classes and shouted slogans against BZU administration. The parents of the students also joined them in the protest and they brought out a joint rally to press the BZU administration to get the department affiliated with the PEC forthwith.

The agitation drive is underway for the last one week and the department remained shut for the whole last week. The students look determined to continue their agitation until their demands are accepted.

Talking to the journalists on this occasion, the students and their parents lamented that why the BZU invited applications for admission to the Architectural Engineering Department, if they did not have affiliation with the PEC. “They have put our future on stake. They are playing with the future of students. They should be punished,” said a sentimental father of a student namely Ashfaq Ahmad.

A student alleged that the BZU administration hurled threats to them to end the protest. “We’ve been asked to end our agitation or get ready to face the consequences. They’ve already ruined our future. What else harm they can deliver to us?” questioned Azeem Khan, another student. The protesters also alleged that the department administration also offered them different attractions for ending the strike.

Talking to the journalists on this occasion, the principal of Engineering College Prof. Dr. Shabbar Ateeq said that the issue was in the court and he was hopeful that the students would get relief on April 16. He added that the students had the right to protest but it should be peaceful.