LAHORE - PTI leader Ch Muhammad Sarwar and Opposition Leader of Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed expressed no confidence in the current provisional and federal governments.

In a statement, the former governor said: “Pakistan is in the grip of a tawdry political crisis that has plunged the nation into darkness. Numerous social issues such as unemployment, power outages, inflation and unemployment are left unsolved by the current government. Policy makers have tabled all crucial issues and instead of reconstructing or forming new reforms as solutions, they are preoccupied in other non-contextual political endeavours.”

On Monday, Mian Mehmood met the former governor at his office in Cantt, Lahore. Both leaders highlighted the issue of vast power outages in the Cantonment area and discussed the elections that took place at the Cantonment Board sector.

Sarwar stated: “The whole political arena of Pakistan is polluted with groundless and vision-less policies. Any remaining semblance of composure is scuttled by lawmakers. The current democracy in Pakistan is not only poor in its definition but is also absent in its implementation. Politicians have violated the basic principles of democracy through their self-interest campaigns and slogans.”

“Pakistan has been facing fierce pressures from all segments which is why, PTI will emerge as a saviour party for the nation. PTI will adopt all necessary measures to reform the whole political infrastructure. I firmly believe that PTI will secure it’s victorious position in the upcoming local body polls and will clean sweep in the local body elections held at the Cantonment Board sector,” he added.