Lahore - Government should provide level playing field to domestic processors of poultry meat that are disadvantaged by subsidized and zero rated imports of doubtful Halal meat from Malaysia while domestic processors pay duties and sales tax on import of their inputs.

Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association’s Standing Committee Khalil Sattar stated this while talking to members of Lahore Economic Manufacturers Association at his K&N chicken processing plant here Monday.

He said the government planners granted zero rated access to Malaysian processed chicken without consulting the poultry industry.  He said Malaysia grants 15 percent rebate on export of processed chicken which makes it cheaper than Pakistani processed meat.  Moreover he added it is unfair on the Pakistani processors that have to pay duties and sales tax on inputs like spices and packing materials.

He said with this concession all the fast food chains that were previously buying Pakistani processed meat now import processed chicken from Malaysia or China that has also been granted the same zero rated concession.

He said the chicken birds in these two countries are slaughtered by stunning them with electric shock or gases. He said Sharia board in Pakistan forbids stunning the animal before slaughtering.