When chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), Maulana Sherani mentioned thousands of recommendations made by the Council for required legislation, through parliament, and out of which most have never seen light of the day; I didn't feel any sympathy for him and his useless council. He was speaking at a seminar, organized by Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) at Karachi University wherein a number of prominent Muslim scholars participated to discuss and explore religious view points on organ transplantation.

Though most of the scholars representing different sects and schools of thought were in favor of the notion, that saving a life was far important than anything else, however Maulana Sherani threw the spanner in the debate by questioning how come an organ of a non-Muslim could be transplanted into a Muslim and vice versa. He was worried about the punishment of the donated organs on the Day of Judgment. If a Muslim receives an organ from a non-Muslim why should the body is punished? Does he believe that Islam is such a narrow and unforgiving religion?

CII has incited many controversies; perhaps just to remain in media limelight. Not long ago CII insisted upon four male eyewitnesses, as primary evidence to prove a rape case. Earlier CII encouraged young marriage. Isn't time to review what these guys are doing at tax-payers money, in the name of Islam; for many ordinary people they are working on someone else' agenda to bring a bad name to Islam. Isn't better to remove word 'Islamic' from the council' nomenclature which is misguiding many. Regardless of Maulana Sherani' ranting at the seminar, I am sure he will never question the origin of the donated organ if ever required to save his own life!


Saudi Arab, April 10.