Lahore (PR) - CBA has started company-wide protest against delay in the signing of management-CBA agreement 2013-15, Non-interference in blood relations quota (BRQ), interview process, and awarding of strict punishments concluding disciplinary enquiries, said a press release issued by SNGPL.

Interview process for recruitment against BRQ is under process. The CBA is trying to sabotage the transparent process and is trying to influence the interview committees for recruitment of their referred applicants. It is prerogative of the management to initiate, conduct and finalize the said recruitment process based on merit.

As a matter of fact, signing of management-CBA agreement 2013-15 has been delayed because of the CBA itself. The management has already offered all the funds available for the signing of the agreement, as allowed by OGRA which are not acceptable to CBA. There is no further cushion available with the management to increase the amount as OGRA determines the quantum of salary and wages to be given by SNGPL to its employees.

The disciplinary enquiries against the accused employees are conducted as per laid down procedure. Accordingly corrupt employees have been charge sheeted, downgraded or their services have been terminated.

The protest by CBA, in light of the above, is frivolous, unjustified, unwarranted and illegal, wherein they want that all such disciplinary actions be withdrawn, which if agreed will lead to promotion of corrupt practices in the country. The Industrial Relations Act, 2012 strictly prohibits workmen from such activities and terms it as “Unfair Labor Practices on part of Workmen”.