LAHORE - The Lahore High Court yesterday sought assistance from the Advocate General Punjab in a petition challenging sale of low quality and adulterated milk in the province.

A division bench headed by Justice Ayesha A Malik took up the petition filed by Barrister Zafarullah Khan of Watan Party. The court adjourned hearing until May 18. Watan Party filed an inter court appeal for early hearing of the case pending already in the Lahore High Court. In its plea, the petitioner said that the sale of adulterated milk continued unabated that was causing serious diseases to the citizens.

The petitioner further said that poisonous ingredients like UREA and hair removers are mixed with the milk and sold. According to doctors, he said, such crimes make people vulnerable to cancer, kidney failure and other fatal diseases.

He also quoted a recent scientific report conducted by the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) in which 665 milk adulterant tests from 41 samples were conducted.

According to the report, water in two out of 10 unpacked milk samples and 22 out of 28 packed sample, carbonate was found in two samples of unpacked and one of the packed.

The report also pointed out other hazardous substances