LAHORE: Pakistan’s large youth population is the country’s future and Australia is helping Pakistan develop its potential through education and training opportunities and strengthened links between the people of both countries. 

Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson stated this today in her address at a workshop held by Australian Embassy on their project ‘Paper Pilots’. She welcomed the outreach to Pakistani youth by Paper Pilots, Dr Mehreen FAruqi (first Australian of Pakistani origin to be elected to public office) and the Pakistan Australia Business Forum.

Australia’s Paper Pilots, Dylan Parker and James Norton lead more than 500 school children in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on a journey of flight as part of the Australian High Commissioner’s Australia Day in spring 2016 – engaging youth celebrations from April 11 to 18.

Dylan and James founded ‘The Paper Pilots’ in 2008 to educate and inspire students across Australia by using the simple concept of paper planes to teach students about the science of flight and encourage them to develop problem solving skills to design the paper planes.

Their true life story inspired the 2015 award winning Australian family film Paper Planes directed by Robet Conolly also showcased on the occasion.