Pakistan face problems with floods and huge water flows in monsoon. we have no proper system for storage of water and we don t care about maintenance of canals and cleanliness of rivers. that is the cause why floods come and give us huge destruction but we dont care for it and all water goes towards see in vain and of no use.

if we build dams and barrages on rivers then we can protect our country from catastrophe of floods. we can irrigate our barren lands and use them for agriculture sake and also generate electricity. that is among our major problem.

we have a lot of resources of water storage like in Kalabagh, Chiniot and kashmir , but the thing is if we utilize them then we ll get benefit from them.

Government should build ample of small dams and water storage blocks that will cities from flood damage and also provide job opportunities to people of near by.


Mianwali, March 13.