LAHORE - Justice Party Pakistan (JPP) yesterday served legal notice on PTI Chairman Imran Khan for allegedly threatening sit-in around the residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Raiwind.

Munsif Awan, JPP head, served the notice saying that call for sit-in around the residence of Nawaz Sharif is no more political step.

He said he demanded PM resign and threatened him of strong protest if he declined to resign.

Awan said this call by Imran Khan is unlawful because it may instigate people to attack the residence of PM. He warned Imran Khan to take back his call within seven days otherwise proper legal action would be taken against him.

Khan threatened protest at Raiwind, saying that he would call off the protest after PM Nawaz step down. He also invited all political parties for protesting against the alleged corruption of ruling family. He said the entire nation would be brought on roads against the corrupt elite.