LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan today said that the opposition parties who are not standing up against the government in Panama leaks matter would have their political future ended.

The PTI chief warned the parties, while talking to the media persons at Allama Iqbal International Airport before leaving for London.

He said that the party would launch protest if a commission, led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Anwar Zaheer Jamali is not formed to probe Panama leaks .

PTI chief said that government’s usual response when one raises corruption and accountability issue is “democracy is in danger.” Khan said that the parties who do not stand against government’s alleged wealth stashing and corruption would lose their politics.

He said that matter of Panama leaks would be taken to its logical conclusion.

They are trapped now as no one could reject Panama leaks , he said.

PPP and PML-N have been blackmailing and backing each other for their interests in the past. Instead of presenting themselves for accountability, they are blackmailing others, he added.

The PTI chief has left for London to meet experts from two different forensic audit companies among taking care of other party matters.