LONDON - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said his government was committed for fast track development and prosperity of the country, besides strengthening the democratic norms and system.

Talking to mediapersons here after his arrival, he brushed aside all the rumours being churned out at home by certain quarters about his government. He said that he was visiting London in connection with his medical check-up.

Thar coal project was being inaugurated for the first time in the country’s history which would generate inexpensive power, he said terming the project a ‘game changer’ for the economy.

He said they never did such politicking of bringing down the elected governments and never supported such steps which could have weakened the democratic system.

“The prosperity of country is closer to my heart. I want development and progress of the motherland only and never compromised over these objectives by seeking power,” he added.

To a question, the PM said ‘a personality’ was hell bent to create hurdles for the government through queer tactics. The government tolerated such show in the form of ‘dharna’ in 2014 and similarly was also forbearing it at present, he said, advising such elements to desist from their negative tendencies of harming the democracy.

About his relations with the PPP top brass, Sharif said he enjoyed good ties with Asif Zardari, and said he warmly met the PPP leader when he completed his term as president of the country.

Similarly, he was also welcomed by Zardari when they got heavy mandate in the last elections. During inauguration of an airport in Multan, he took Yousuf Raza Gillani to the venue.

The PM said that such good democratic norms aimed at strengthening the democracy and rule of law in the country should be promoted and safeguarded.

He opined that certain ‘immature elements’ would soon understand the situation. “A personality through his antics was alienating himself,” he added and appreciated the PPP for not supporting these elements.

About relations with India, the PM said that both the countries should move forward like good neighbours by resolving their outstanding issues including Kashmir.

He said an Indian spy was arrested in Balochistan and such interference into Pakistan must stop.