AJK Prime Minister Ch Abdul Majeed said on Wednesday that the plans of PML-N federal ministers to "conquer " Azad Jammu & Kashmir in the general elections would remain unsuccessful.

He added that such attempts would be thwarted in the polls to be held by July 24 this year. Talking to various public delegations here at Kashmir House, the AJK prime minister said that federal ministers of Muslim League (N) have started efforts to buy people's conscience but they would not succeed. “We will not let any party to steal people's opinion and rights and no compromise would be made on people's rights,” he said.

"People of AJK have rejected politics of Muslim League (N) they only trust in PPP for its strong commitment with protection of people's rights," the AJK prime minister maintained. He said that people have rejected negative approach of Muslim League towards resolving issues of the masses.

Meanwhile, talking about present situation in occupied Kashmir, the PM said that India cannot intimidate the people of Kashmir to surrender their demand for right to self-determination. He said the international community acknowledges Kashmir as a dispute and wants its settlement as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Ch Majeed said that India was pursing the policy of enslaving people of Kashmir at gunpoint. However, he maintained that New India would never succeed in its nefarious designs.

The PM said that human rights situation could not improve as long as Indian troops were present in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He called upon the international community to play its active role in settling the Kashmir dispute in the interest of regional peace.