LAHORE: Mirza Faran Baig, DIG NH&MP Central Zone, has said the honest and hardworking officers will be given respect while corrupt officer will be taken to task.

Addressing a Police Darbar at Beat 13 Jumber on Wednesday, the DIG asked the officers to perform their duty without fear and ensure the implementation of law. He directed the patrolling officers to ensure firm enforcement of law on motorways and national highways. Faran also ordered to ensure equal application of law irrespective of one’s status. He ordered that lane discipline on national highways be ensured by keeping the heavy and slow moving vehicles in discipline.–Staff Reporter

“Patrolling standards on highways and motorways will be improved as per international standards,” DIG Faran said, adding that driver without license or underage would be allowed to travel on motorways and at highways.

Sector Commander SSP Masroor Alam Kolachi was also present on the occasion.

He also advised the officers to make the NH&MP as model institution in Asia with their good behaviour and courtesy.