Having spent some time with the Lahore blast victims on a daily basis for the last few days, I have made a very strong connection with them. Throughout this time, there were many people here from different walks of life, just there for the victims’ moral support. There were students, teachers, youngsters, mothers and even those who had nothing material to contribute, but were just there to lend helping hands.

While I spent a few days there, I did not see a single self-proclaimed “Aashiq-e-Rasool” maulvi around condoling people who lost their loved ones, especially the kids who lost their parents with no one there to claim them. Later I realized that in order to be a real admirer of our Prophet, all you need to do is follow his footsteps and traits – simple as that. When I see young likeminded volunteers cheering up the patients, boosting up their morale, distributing iPads and cycles among kids, it depicts the true face of humanity, which ought to be one of the supreme teachings of Islam. To me every volunteer out there is a true admirer of our Prophet.

Now coming back to patients, out of more than fifty patients in Jinnah and Sheikh Zayed hospitals, I was amazed to see their strong mental state and morale. The best part was that none of them, in spite of going through such a traumatizing event, had any complaints against the government or blamed anyone for security lapse. They were all on the same ground, with the same stance, that there is no detector ever invented yet which can detect this brainwashed breed of suicide bombers.

In general some people think of it as a consequence of killing the heads of terrorist groups while others take it as a retaliation of Zarb-e-Azb operation. We need to understand that it’s a deep rooted ideological menace, which cannot be treated overnight. It requires long term planning and policymaking, headed by some real think tanks of Pakistan.

There is a simple phenomenon of getting rid of the rats by simply destroying their colony; but once their colony is destroyed, they get scattered and become more problematic. Similarly what the army is doing in terms of operations and combats, is just on the surface. The root cause remains intact.

Unfortunately self-righteous leader mullahs who are authorized to inculcate hatred and intolerance amongst their followers, are few but their disciples are in millions, who follow them blindly. Until and unless we target the breeding grounds of ruthlessness and brutality, we are not going to tackle this problem.

I’m not against these operations at all because these terrorists are getting what they deserve but there is a lot more to be done side by side. All we need is a good substantial education policy where the focus is not only on curriculum but on an effective execution as well. Policy must entail a proper sustainable mechanism through which the message of inter-faith harmony is fostered and no manipulated version of Islam is being taught in schools and madrassas. This will ultimately prevent the production of more pseudo, self-proclaimed and righteous mullahs.

The day when the conscious and concept of humanity in a suicide bomber outweighs the urge of getting hoors and jannah, that would be the day we can says: yes we have done it!