I want to draw the attention to the issue of child labour in Pakistan. Child labour is equal to cruelty. And that is the main critical core problem of Pakistan that is increasing day by day. Basically, uneducated parents are the main criminal in this because they force their children to work as labour during childhood in order to earn money and to survive in this world. Mostly, children work to meet their educational expenditures or sometimes they are under pressure from their superiors.

It’s a great critical reality in all over the Pakistan that cannot be neglected. Due to the child labour, Pakistan is facing a lot of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy rate due to which near about 55% of our Pakistanis are educated. Article (11) of the Pakistan constitution prohibits slavery or child labour, trafficking and the participation of children under 14 to work at the industrious either in micro or macro level or in sectors such as transport, lime kilns, factories, mines, agriculture, machinery, hotels, restaurants, pesticides and in the carpet industries. But sometimes child labour is due to the bounded system. Means those families who had taken a heavy debt which are paid through work. Even after they die this loan is not paid it and then that debt passes to the next generation for a long time.

Domestic’s child labour is also a main issue that is hidden away and is not regulated by the government. The rate of child labour is very high in big cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Islamabad and Sialkot, because these cities are linked with industrious chain.


Khanewal, April 13.