After the news of the new Speedo bus broke out, I came across many people who criticised the PM and the government. Most of them were asking what benefits do the poor get from such developmental schemes. Agreed. But again, the counter argument stands that at least the current government is doing something instead of just sitting and crying over how we are an underdeveloped country and are going nowhere in the future. They are trying to make life better for us, may it be through transportation (metro bus, speedo bus), education (loan and laptop schemes) or any other facility. What we all need to acknowledge is that something is better than nothing, only then will we grow. Playing the blame game will not make any of us better off. We need to figure out our own responsibilities, should act upon them and must hold back the negativity. Being impartial, it is the right of every individual making an effort, to be encouraged and appreciated for the efforts he/she puts in to make this country a better place for all of us.


Lahore, March 28.