These days, an increase in the price of poultry is being projected in the media which does not represent the true picture of the state of affairs. Poultry meat prices, as compared to dals and red meat, are favourable but isolating prices of chicken meat from mutton, beef and pulses would not be appropriate. Poultry meat prices of the past five years would reveal that average poultry meat price has not risen from 2011 to 2016 while the price of daal maash has risen from Rs145 to Rs165 in the past few years. The old saying that “Ghar Ki Murghi Dal Barabar” does not appear to be true today. Nobody mentions the prices of mutton and beef which are Rs800/kg and Rs350/ kg, respectively in the market.

But the increase in poultry prices is projected in the papers needlessly which ought to be avoided. There is a periodic increase in vegetable prices on the principle of supply and demand; and poultry is not immune to this phenomenon. When poultry meat is supplied below the rate of its production nobody speaks; but when the prices rise due to inflationary pressure, temporary hue and cry are raised in papers which is not a balanced approach to the problem.


Lahore, March 28.