islamabad - ‘Politics, Pictures, Personalities’, a book by Dr Naazir Mahmood was launched here on Friday.The book is published by Badalti Duniya Publications. A number of prominent intellectuals and friends of the author attended the book launch.

The book is a collection of Dr Mahmood’s articles already published in various newspapers.

The author said he had trusted Benazir Bhutto and her politics. “The way she brought Nawaz Sharif and others together. I thought she had become a statesperson.” he added.

Speaking at the event, Dr Naazir Mahmood said that the Pakistan People’s Party had lost Benazir Bhutto’s charisma.

Mahmood said that the Senate should be more powerful as the Upper House in many countries had a more effective role. “This house is meant for intellectuals, writers, seasoned politicians and experts. It should have such people among its members,” he maintained.

On the occasion, Awami National Party leader Afrasyab Khattak said even Zulfikar Ali Bhutto tried to impose his will. “He also tried to convert minority into majority. We had told him that you are powerful but if you continue this way, another powerful person will come,” he said. Khattak said the history is a witness to the fact that somebody more powerful i.e. General Zia ul Haq emerged and toppled Bhutto.

Journalist Marvi Sirmed said there was an ‘irritable element’ that always backed moves to weaken the system. “It is the same person who we find in folk stories. This person does not want the institutions to get strength,” she said.

Sirmed said that Sadiq Sanjrani had surfaced from nowhere during the Senate Chairman’s elections. “Likewise we will find people who will become the Chief Minister Punjab and the Prime Minister after this year’s election. The same element is behind this entire divide,” she contended.

Author Ashfaq Saleem Mirza said that people spoke about the change and progress but he had not seen practical steps to achieve these goals in his life. Harris Khalique and Khayyam Mushir also spoke on the occasion.