ATTOCK: The Anti Corruption Establishment on Friday arrested an official of the land record centre Hassanabdal red-handed when he was bribe from a landowner for issuance of land record statement. Khizer Mehmood, resident of Hassanabdal filed an application with the Anti Corruption Establishment Attock circle that Service Centre Official (SCO) Mohammad Iqbal was demanding Rs20,000 as bribe for issuance of land record statement.–Muhammad Sabrin


 Acting on his application, Deputy Director Attock Anti Corruption Kanwal Naqvi instructed the ACE staff to arrange a trap raid against the official demanding bribe from the complainant.

Subsequently, a trap was carried out by the Anti Corruption Police under the supervision of Deputy Director Attock Inspector Asghar Chandia. As the result of the successful raid, accused namely SCO Mohammad Iqbal was arrested red-handed while receiving the bribe money from complainant Khizer Mahmood. At the spot tainted amount Rs20,000 was recovered by the police. A case has been registered against the accused.