LAHORE - Shab-e-Meraj, the night when the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was ascended to the highest levels of Heavens on 27th of Rajab, was observed across the country including Lahore on Friday with religious zeal and fervor.

Muslims offered special prayers in specially decorated mosques and at home for seeking blessings of Almighty.

Special prayers were offered for solidarity and development of Pakistan, unity of Muslims, freedom of Kashmir and Palestine and ridding the country of extremism and terrorism. Different organizations arranged special prayers and mahafil-e-Naat in mosques and other places.

According to Hadith, it was during this holy journey (Meraj) that The Almighty gave His Prophet (SAW) the command for five daily prayers.  During the mahafils, scholars highlighted the importance of the day and its blessings.

Special sweet dishes like Halwa, Zarda etc were prepared and distributed among the relatives and neighbors apart from the poor and destitute.

In addition to that, food in large quantities was also distributed among the orphans and the destitute at special langar in mosques. Newspapers brought out special editions highlighting the significance of the occasion while electronic media also aired special programs to mark the occasion.

The faithful also prayed for peace and  prosperity in the country. Scholars stressed the need for forging unity among Ummah to cope with the challenges.