An important progress has been made in Punjab Power Development Company (PPDC) case by NAB Lahore as former Chief Finance Officer Ikram Naveed has been arrested on a charge of corruption of 232 million rupees.

According to NAB Lahore accused Ikram was given the responsibility regarding the financial matters of PPDC but he made bogus payments while misusing his powers.

NAB Lahore said that Messer Kalmak Consultancy was a forged /fake firm which had no existence.

Illegal actions/dealings of accused Ikram caused the loss of 232 million to the national exchequer.

Accused had transferred the money in the accounts of his relatives and made many properties for them with their names through fraud while misusing his powers.

NAB also said that solid evidence has been found against accused Ikram Naveed and the process of his arrest was made for further investigation.

Accused Ikram will be presented in accountability court to get his Physical remand.