KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that brutal murder of Mashal Khan has had immense psychological effects on the entire nation, and the ruthless way his innocent life was taken, will remain a scar on our society for ages.

In his message on the first martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Mashal Khan, the PPP chairman said that the elements that promoted extremism infect mounted an attack on the very foundations of the country that our forefathers had laid with an egalitarian, harmonious and cohesive vision.

Bilawal said that it was a matter of great concern that killers of Mashal Khan had not been punished even after one year of the ghastly incident and it was more shameful that those ruling KP attempted to protect their party man directly involved in the inhuman lynching.

He said that the PPP remains in complete solidarity with the family of Mashal Khan and would continue to raise its voice for justice to them and to the society. Bilawal warned that extremists’ trend of instigating barbaric acts unleashed through unfounded rumours and allegations was equal to an inferno, which could burn everything if went unchecked by government, its institutions and the people. He said that nation would never forget the innocent and the grim injustice and atrocities he suffered at the hands of extremist elements.